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Tell us how much money you want to send and we show you exactly how much it costs. Our fees are completely transparent so you know exactly how many pesos will arrive in Mexico. Before you trade, review forex brokers in Mexico


Send Bitcoin

We give you a bitcoin address and you send the quoted amount of bitcoin to it. Once your deposit arrives, it is converted to Mexican Pesos by meXBT and sent to your recipient.


Pick Up Cash in Mexico

Within six business hours, your recipient will receive a text or email with a special code to take to the nearest BBVA Bancomer ATM. After entering this code, the machine dispenses their pesos. No bank account is required! Compare brokers

Over 6,000 Cash Pickup Locations

The recipient simply goes to any conveniently located BBVA Bancomer ATM to receive their cash. No card or bank account is necessary.

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Our goal is to provide the most accurate and up to date prices possible when comparing to our competitors. We currently update all of our pricing data every 30 minutes by automatically visiting their sites and retrieving their most recent rates.

Most traditional remittance services charge two different types of fees - a service fee and an exchange fee. The service fee is usually a flat amount charged on every transaction that depends on how much money you want to send. The exchange fee is the effective amount you are charged when a company offers you an exchange rate that is less than the official interbank exchange rate (for example, while the official exchange rate may be $1 USD = $13.53 MXN, Xoom's rate might be $1 USD = $13.00 MXN). These companies all make money on this exchange rate difference, and the fee is typically not advertised.

With, we only charge a service fee of 1% of the total value being sent. Neither us nor our Mexican partners make money on the BTC to MXN exchange rate we use, and it is usually within a few basis points of Bitstamp's price.

Feel free to validate these numbers yourself by visiting the company's website directly, or contact us for more information.

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